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Our Story

"Providing 24 years of excellence"

After graduating Gordon Phillip's beauty academy in 1987 with a cosmotologist liscence, I went on to represent the school as a master technician teaching the art of acrylic nails in and around the tri-state area. In 1988 I opened a salon, in the back of a clothing boutique. The business grew rapidly as a result of my commitment to great work at an affordable price. I was soon forced to seek larger space. So, in 1989 I relocated to my current building in which this past July I celebrated my 24th year of providing our community with excellent, friendly, and professional service. To each one of you who has at some time stopped by through the years to support our business or simply say hello on behalf of me and the staff, thank you and God bless you.


                        xoxo, Danielle


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